New Deadline to sending Expressions of Interest and Presentations proposals| 31st January

Closing date for proposals and expressions of interest: 31 January 2018




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Workshop: “Ethnographies of Musical Creativities”

  • What are the situations of musical creativity in different contexts across cultures?
  • What is similar and different?
  • Is it useful to compare them and is there a common starting point?
  • How effective are current theories and ideas in the field of ethnomusicology for deepening our understanding and accurately writing about the phenomenon of creativity?


By bringing attention to the ecology of practices instead of focusing on the results, we analyze creativity from the insider perspective. Following a thorough consideration of vocabulary and practices, data can be juxtaposed and compared to existing theories on creativity and the various ontological premises that they often keep hidden – along with their political agendas.



Call for participants: 3rd Research Symposium on Social Impact of Making Music (SIMM) 2018


The third SIMM-posium Porto 2018 will bring together researchers, practitioners interested in research, and policymakers concerned with social welfare, to build and strengthen a network of professionals wishing to deepen rigorous and evidence-based understanding of how active participatory music making may be used to bring social benefits to groups of individuals in diverse contexts and situations.

This network is one strand of activity of the recently formed International Centre for Social Impact of Making Music, founded at the University of Ghent, Belgium, but now operating as an independent scholarly association ( intended to involve institutional partners in various countries, which will support a programme of collaborative research training and development under the guidance of international experts in the field.

As an event taking place in a College of Education, we will particularly welcome presentations that contribute to understand the role of education, in general, and teachers, in particular, in promoting critical thinking beyond a focus on pure musical outcomes. This symposium wants to address the social responsibility of Higher Education Institutions in responding to major societal changes through their Music Education curricula and practices.

Beyond the above mentioned focus on education, presentations on any aspect of making music’s social impact will be welcome, including the following topics:

  • Collaborative research between northern and southern institutions and the construction of new agendas
  • Impact of context and culture
  • The role of conservatoires and professional music schools in delivering social impact of making music
  • Musical repertoires in social projects with young people
  • Cultural democracy, inequalities, access to music making and learning

In order to preserve a lively and fully participatory dialogue, the number of participants will be restricted to 60, based on written expressions of interest. There will be provision in the programme for up to 30 brief (10 minute) presentations of research or research-related work in progress (or critical reflections on research), which will be curated into thematic panels of four to five presentations followed by a plenary discussion.

A keynote address will be given by Susan O’Neill, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University.

The programme will be overseen by a scientific committee whose members are:

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logo2O Instituto de Etnomusicologia – Centro de Estudos de Música e Dança (INET-md) e o Departamento de Comunicação e Arte (DeCA) da Universidade de Aveiro, têm o prazer de acolher o Post-in-progress: 4º Fórum Internacional de Pós-graduação em Estudos de Música e Dança, aberto a todos os estudantes de pós-graduação ou investigadores que ainda não tenham obtido o grau de doutor.

O Post-in-progress decorrerá em Aveiro, Portugal, entre os dias e 7 de dezembro de 2017.

Esta é uma conferência que, tal como o nome indica, recebe trabalhos em desenvolvimento, que se tornarão depois teses de mestrado ou doutoramento. Este ano temos vários Keynotes tais como: Sílvia MartínezLopéz-Cano e Úrsula San Cristóbal e Vincent Dubois, abrangendo assim várias linhas temáticas. Temos ainda a novidade do “Young Keynote Session” que será Ana Flávia Miguel. Brevemente serão divulgadas as masterclasses do encontro.

Neste website poderá encontrar informação geral acerca do congresso, tal como informação relativa a inscrições, submissões, datas, programa, locais, entre outros.

Podem ser submetidas comunicações, filmes ou mesmo recitais-conferência.